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The latest CDP ratings have been announced, with Luxshare leading the way once again in sustainable development.


On February 6th, the Global Environmental Information Research Center (CDP) released the latest ratings for over 23,000 companies worldwide. Luxshare was rated "A-" in climate change response and "B" in water security, marking a steady improvement for three consecutive years and surpassing both global and industry average levels. It is the first time Luxshare has entered the leadership level in climate change, fully recognizing the efforts and achievements the company has made in implementing sustainable development strategies.

640 (1).png

Chart1: Luxshare's CDP Climate Action Score.

640 (2).png

Chart 2: Luxshare's CDP Water Security Score.

CDP is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, serving as a global authoritative platform for environmental disclosure. It is dedicated to promoting greenhouse gas emissions reduction and protecting water and forest resources. CDP operates a global information disclosure system and rates companies based on their disclosures. The ratings are divided into 8 levels, and the results are widely used in investment and procurement decisions, contributing to the development of a zero-carbon, sustainable, and vibrant economy.

640 (3).png

Chart 3: CDP Rating System.

Luxshare actively responds to the call for high-quality national development, attaching great importance to climate change mitigation strategies and sustainable utilization of water resources. It has taken the lead in committing to establish scientifically-based carbon targets, following a decarbonization strategy with energy conservation and carbon offsetting as primary and secondary measures, actively promoting the transformation of its own energy structure, and continuously strengthening and improving the capacity of pollution reduction and carbon reduction in the supply chain. In the future, we will continue to uphold the ambition of mitigating climate change, advance the company's decarbonization process, advocate for sustainable water management concepts based on basin governance, fully leverage the role of leaders, collaborate with relevant parties to leverage technological and resource advantages, jointly explore the path of green and low-carbon development in the industry, and contribute to promoting societal low-carbon transformation and green development through pragmatic actions.