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Dual Carbon Pioneer| Luxshare Secures a Spot on the 2023 'Golden Key – China Action for SDGs' List

On November 17th, the award ceremony for the 2023 'Golden Key – China Action for SDGs,' hosted by the 'Journal of Sustainable Development Economy,' was grandly held at the Peking University Centennial Memorial Hall. Following competitive rounds, including self-nomination, presentations, and evaluations, Luxshare stood out in the 'Dual Carbon Pioneer' category and was successfully honored with the 2023 'Golden Key Excellence Award.


The 'Golden Key – China Action for SDGs,' initiated by the 'Journal of Sustainable Development Economy' in 2020, has received extensive support and participation from Chinese enterprises since its inception. Over the four editions, the Golden Key has showcased innovative solutions from Chinese businesses contributing to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In June 2021, the 'Golden Key – China Action for SDGs' was selected as one of the 'UN SDG Good Practices' by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, gaining international recognition.


For Luxshare, green and low-carbon initiatives have consistently been a crucial aspect of our sustainable development efforts. As a leader in precision manufacturing, we leverage our technological and resource advantages to actively pursue energy-saving and carbon reduction measures. In 2022, the company officially initiated a science-based carbon reduction action plan, marking the commencement of a scientific approach to addressing climate change, known as the 'Science Plan 2.0.' We have established an action plan encompassing 'Carbon Inventory - Carbon Reduction - Carbon Neutrality,' formulated a climate action roadmap, and set targets to systematically advance the company's comprehensive carbon reduction efforts in a phased manner.

While actively pursuing energy-saving and carbon reduction within our operations, Luxshare is committed to playing a leadership role. We collaborate with stakeholders such as supplier partners, customers, industry associations, and others to jointly promote green and low-carbon development across the entire value chain. In 2022, the company significantly invested in research and development in areas such as solar energy, batteries, new energy vehicles, and data center power supplies, facilitating the commercialization of clean products and providing downstream customers with more clean technology solutions. Additionally, we, in collaboration with the Public Environmental Research Center, initiated the Green Supply Chain Initiative, encouraging core suppliers to participate in climate action, yielding tangible results.


Figure: Manager Zhao Xin from Luxshare's Sustainable Development Promotion Center presents the company's green and low-carbon initiatives and achievements to the judging panel of the "Golden Key" on-site.

In the future, Luxshare will continue to adhere to the principles of green and sustainable development. Leveraging our leadership advantages, we will persistently explore innovative ideas and, with a craftsman's dedication, deepen sustainable development management. We are committed to practicing social responsibility and, in collaboration with various stakeholders, contribute to building a sustainable and brighter future for all.