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Luxshare has been invited to attend the 2023 IPC China Electronic Manufacturing Annual Conference ESG Sustainable Development Forum

On October 27, the 2023 IPC China Electronic Manufacturing Annual Conference, co-hosted by IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) and the Quality and Technical Association of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, was successfully held in Shanghai under the theme 'Building an Intelligent Future: Innovation and Collaboration in the Electronics Industry.' The conference invited authoritative experts, scholars, and representatives from leading enterprises to engage in in-depth discussions and share insights on various topics, including automotive electronics, advanced semiconductor packaging, future factories, ESG sustainable development, talent development, innovative products, and solutions. It presented a professional and cutting-edge annual event for the industry.


Luxshare was invited to attend the ESG Sustainable Development Forum at this year's conference. Against the backdrop of the ESG Top Ten Hotspots and Ten Pain Points presented at the conference, we focused on the theme 'Responding to Customer and Market ESG Requirements, Enhancing International Competitiveness.' During our presentation, we discussed our sustainable development drivers, ESG strategy, and highlighted Luxshare's deployment and practices in the four management directions of 'Scientific Governance, Green Low Carbon, Harmony and Health, Responsible Procurement.' From the perspective of a supply chain company, we provided in-depth analysis of key ESG areas related to the industry, offering highly informative and practical examples for the ESG development of the industry.

The company's efforts in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance):

Environmental (E):

Identifying climate change risks and opportunities and planning a rational carbon reduction path.

Taking a proactive approach to setting scientific carbon targets and implementing energy-saving measures.

Establishing and continuously improving a green manufacturing system, advancing projects such as creating green factories, zero landfilling of waste, sustainable water management, and hazardous substance and chemical management to comprehensively promote green development in its operations and supply chain.

Social (S):

Focusing on the personal development of employees by providing a fair and transparent promotion system and competitive compensation.

Improving the EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) management framework to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees.

Governance (G):

Adhering to a governance philosophy of "excellent, steady, and effective."

Deepening the construction of a clean culture, enhancing risk control capabilities, strengthening information security protection, respecting and protecting intellectual property rights, and incentivizing invention and innovation.

In recent years, Luxshare, while deeply involved in the consumer electronics manufacturing industry and participating in international supply chain collaboration, has consistently explored systematic approaches to advance its ESG initiatives. The company is committed to enhancing its overall value creation capabilities, contributing to the high-quality development of the industry and society.