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Luxshare has been included in the 'Top 500 Digital Economy Enterprises. '

On October 26th, the '2022 China Digital Economy Enterprise Development Report' was released in Beijing, along with the announcement of the 'Top 500 Digital Economy Enterprises' list. Luxshare, with its outstanding performance in the digital economy sector, successfully secured a place in the Top 500 Digital Economy Enterprises, ranking 26th.


The Digital Economy TOP 500 (Partial view) 

This list is jointly compiled by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association and the China Academy of Information and Communications Research. It uses the business revenue, market value/valuation brought by digitization as the main metrics, and combines overall corporate strength, performance strength, digitalization level, innovation level, corporate efficiency, social public opinion, and other indicators to construct correction coefficients.

The "2022 China Digital Economy Enterprise Development Report" outlines the portrait of leading enterprises in the digital economy. The report indicates that the TOP500 enterprises selected exhibit the characteristics of "high revenue and high market value" in terms of enterprise scale. They are leaders in breakthroughs in digital technology innovation, and they also demonstrate impressive profit levels with significant increases in revenue and profits. According to the report data, the average revenue of TOP500 enterprises is 1.211 trillion yuan, and the average market (valuation) is about 1.781 trillion yuan. The TOP500 enterprises collectively hold around 810,000 invention patents and achieve a total operating income of about 60 trillion yuan, with an average operating income growth rate of about 15.2%.

In recent years, the digital economy has been rapidly evolving, becoming a key force in restructuring global resource elements, reshaping the global economic structure, and altering the global competitive landscape. In the future, Luxshare will seize the opportunities presented by the development of the digital economy. It will continue to enhance innovation and influence, leveraging advanced technologies and successful experiences to empower industrial development. The company aims to facilitate the in-depth integration of new-generation information technology with the real economy, continually creating value for society in the fields of industrial digitization and intelligent manufacturing. Luxshare endeavors to be a "new engine" for China's digital economy and manufacturing sector.