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Luxshare Awarded 2024 Diversity Supplier of the Year

From May 29th to 31st, the Minority Supplier Development in China (MSDC) Annual Conference and Award Ceremony, themed "New Quality Productivity Boosts Diversified Procurement," was successfully held in Shanghai. MSDC is the first non-profit organization in China that advocates for diversified procurement and helps Chinese minority enterprises establish equal and mutually beneficial partnerships with large purchasing companies. Luxshare was invited to attend this year's conference and share the company's path to diversity and inclusion. As an MSDC-certified innovative representative of diverse suppliers, the company was awarded the 2024 Diversity Supplier of the Year.


The three-day annual summit was held offline, with proceedings including a board speech and discussions on topics such as "Diversified Strategies to Boost New Quality Productivity Development," "Creating a Green and Sustainable Future with Diverse Suppliers," and "AI Empowering Diversified Procurement Supply Chain." In addition, the summit also included speeches and selections for the Diverse Supplier Enterprise Challenge.


The representative of Luxshare was invited to attend and deliver a speech on "Diverse Supplier Innovation." Hong Yiling, manager of the company's Sustainable Development Promotion Center, spoke on behalf of the company, exchanging Luxshare Group's path to diversity and inclusion with leading domestic and international companies from various industries. Manager Hong stated that as a leading global solution provider, Luxshare provides key components, modules, and system assembly for consumer electronics, communications and data centers, automotive, and medical fields. Luxshare consistently provides high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective products for diverse application scenarios while creating value through vertically integrating its supply chain.


Manager Hong elaborated on Luxshare's path to diversity development from September 2022 to 2024, indicating that Luxshare strictly implements and adheres to the MSD principles of "fair employment, inclusive management, equal treatment, and innovative development," actively promoting a culture of diversity and continuously advancing the development of supply chain diversity. Regarding supply chain diversity development, the company actively encourages suppliers to constantly explore and initiate assessments of supply chain diversity prioritization mechanisms.

As a socially responsible company, Luxshare actively employs people with disabilities, increasing job opportunities and providing suitable positions for them. While ensuring they are treated equally at work and in life, we give them the warmth of a home. In addition, to promote better integration of employees with disabilities into the company, we provide them with living convenience and work support, while also making adequate preparations for hiring disabled people in the future to promote inclusive development. The company will also continue to follow the sustainable development concept of "harmony and health" in the future, contributing to the coordinated development of diverse talents, the economy, and society.

By creating a path of diversity and inclusion, Luxshare actively meets customer needs and responds to their reflections. The company enhances purchasing power, creates new business opportunities, and conveys corporate social responsibility. These efforts improve employee satisfaction and loyalty, attract more talent to join, and establish the company’s corporate image of "professionalism, reliability, innovation, and breakthrough."

In the future, Luxshare will further advance its diversity and inclusion initiatives, concentrating on sectors where the company has a strong foundation, market potential, and synergistic opportunities. The company will propel further growth and advancement within its primary industry through constant innovation and integration.