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Luxshare Selected as the Best ESG Practices Case for 2023 among Listed Companies in China

On November 16th, the inaugural China Listed Companies Sustainable Development Conference, organized by the China Listed Companies Association and jointly hosted by the Association's Sustainable Development (ESG) Professional Committee and the China Social Responsibility 100 Forum, was held in Beijing. Luxshare, with its outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development, was successfully selected as the Best ESG Practices Case for 2023 among listed companies in China. Luxshare, with the case 'Practicing the ESG Concept, Demonstrating Corporate Responsibility and Value,' stands out as one of the best among over 20 companies recognized for their comprehensive ESG practices.


In order to fully showcase outstanding ESG practices and distinctive approaches among listed companies, the China Listed Companies Association initiated the collection of exemplary ESG practices in July 2023. Through three rounds of evaluation and review by experts from the Association's Sustainable Development (ESG) Professional Committee, a total of 120 best practice cases, 13 topics and 325 excellent practice cases were selected across four dimensions: Environment, Social, Governance, and ESG comprehensive practices.

As a crucial participant in ESG practices, listed companies play a significant role. Luxshare has consistently adhered to the principles of sustainable development, continually enhancing awareness and execution in ESG efforts, deeply advancing environmental practices, and actively fulfilling social responsibilities. Simultaneously, we have improved our management and disclosure levels through various channels. Starting in 2019, we have released sustainable development annual reports for four consecutive years. In 2022, we conducted certification work for our sustainable development report according to the AA1000AS v3 standard for the first time, further enhancing the credibility of ESG information and the authenticity of data. Our international ratings have also been excellent, achieving a BB rating from MSCI, a B rating for both CDP Climate and Water questionnaires, and a Bronze rating from EcoVadis.


Globally, ESG has become one of the crucial criteria for assessing corporate excellence. Luxshare will persist in the new development philosophy characterized by innovation and green practices, solidify the foundation of sustainable development, and construct a sustainable development ecosystem. This commitment is aimed at creating robust and value-driven growth for all stakeholders.