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Luxshare Wins "2023 Forbes China ESG Innovation Enterprise Selection" TOP 50

On October 26th, the results of the "2023 Forbes China ESG Innovation Enterprise Selection" were officially released. After a 5-month evaluation and selection process, Luxshare stood out among numerous participating enterprises. With its innovative thinking and outstanding performance in green and low-carbon transformation, the company secured a place on the "2023 Forbes China ESG Innovation Enterprise Selection" list.


Innovation is the core element of entrepreneurial spirit for businesses, and it is also a core value proposition endorsed by Luxshare. The continuous deepening in the ESG field establishes a solid foundation for Luxshare's sustainable development and sustainable innovation. As a leader in precision manufacturing, we take the lead in exploration, identifying both the risks and opportunities of climate change. We scientifically plan the decarburization path, actively practice energy conservation and carbon reduction, reduce our environmental footprint, and earnestly fulfill our commitments to addressing climate change. We contribute the 'Power of Luxshare' to global low-carbon development and green transformation.

The company has formulated and implemented an action strategy of 'Carbon Inventory - Carbon Reduction - Carbon Neutrality,' establishing a climate action roadmap and steadily advancing the green and low-carbon transformation. Following the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) 1.5°C pathway requirements, we have set scientifically based carbon reduction targets, implementing a planned and phased carbon reduction strategy. It is anticipated that carbon neutrality will be achieved no later than 2050. In 2022, Luxshare achieved a total greenhouse gas emission reduction of over 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent through energy-saving transformations and the promotion of clean energy usage.

Embracing change and forging ahead, Luxshare will drive more ESG innovations. We will strengthen multi-dimensional collaboration with customers, suppliers, and other partners, contributing to the comprehensive and high-quality transformation and development of the economy and society. Together, we aim to build and share a sustainable future.