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Luxshare Tops the 2022 Southern Weekend China Corporate Social Responsibility List

On July 28th, the 15th China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Conference, hosted by Southern Weekend, was held in Guangzhou. The 2022 China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking was announced during the event, with Luxshare securing the 14th position with a comprehensive score of 73.8 points. This achievement places Luxshare as a leading company in the electronics and information industry. This marks the third consecutive year that Luxshare has been listed in the top 100 of this ranking. Over the past three years, the company has steadily climbed, moving up 77 places, showcasing its outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development and gaining societal recognition.



*2022 Southern Weekend China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking (Partial)

The "China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking" was initiated by Southern Weekend in 2003 and has been conducted continuously for 20 years. It is one of the most authoritative and influential corporate social responsibility evaluation systems in China. The ranking focuses on seven major areas: economy, responsibility governance, environment, products and services, employees and safety, fair operations, and community. It evaluates companies' performance in fulfilling their responsibilities based on the dimensions of management, performance, and compliance.

In recent years, Luxshare has not only pursued excellence in technological innovation and product quality but has also made continuous investments in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) field, striving to become a warm and responsible company. The company continuously improves its corporate governance structure and risk management system, adheres to ethical principles, places a high emphasis on building a culture of integrity, and has established a sustainable development governance structure led by the board of directors to facilitate the effective implementation of ESG-related initiatives. Luxshare aligns with the national green development strategy, formulates science-based carbon targets, promotes the transformation of green energy structures, reduces waste, and establishes a green manufacturing system. The company seizes opportunities in clean technologies, consistently invests in the research and development, and promotes the adoption of clean technology products, aiming to lead the entire industry toward a transformation into the green and low-carbon sector. Luxshare creates a harmonious workplace, respects the human rights of all employees at various operational locations, provides a safe and healthy working environment, and offers diverse development paths. The company maintains mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, striving to build a green and responsible value chain. Additionally, Luxshare continuously mobilizes resources to support charitable activities in the locations of its global operations, actively engages in volunteer services, and contributes to the construction of a better society.

Luxshare will continue to adhere to strategic leadership, explore new ideas, strengthen its own advantages, and strive to provide valuable solutions for connecting everything. At the same time, the company will continue to deepen sustainable development management, fulfill social responsibilities, and work with various stakeholders to jointly build a sustainable future.